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Monday, September 26, 2005
2:44 PM
yes, today is dj empirical's birthday.

i'm still trying to decide whether to catch Deerhoof / Numbers tonight at the southgate house. i've been way busy lately, seeing shows three of the last four nights. this would, then, be the fourth in five nights, and also the third consecutively.


we'll see. it doesn't help that i'm working on my birthday.

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Thursday, September 22, 2005
QEG music blog
10:21 PM
so, yeah. i need to rearrange the way things are stored on the site. rather than do it here and there and have everyone be lost, i've created a music blog. this will create a sort of central place to go for all of the QEG-related audio files, both here and offsite.


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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
bush is a disaster
2:16 PM
this pic has been making the email rounds. i got it today, but who knows how long it's been floating around.

some editor wasnt paying attention, i guess.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
a few pics from the blowout
2:21 AM
here's a quick taste of the pics from DJ Empirical's Birthday Blowout 2005, which happened on saturday.

more discussion (like bobby's quick recap) eventually, and more pics, too.

dave from infinite number of sounds

bobby vomit

shawn and julie, from the socials

line 47

gabe, from 1000 arms
i just realized i haven't edited a pic of DJ DQ, and of course i don't really have any pics of myself playing records. oh well. andy took a bunch; let's see what he sends me.

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Monday, September 19, 2005
Buckethead's Tribute to ODB
3:05 PM
so, i haven't visited buckethead's site in a while, due for a long while to a dearth of content and then to an annoying flash interface, but today (thanks to my noticing syntax' mention of a tour date) i visited to see whether he's coming to cinci.

he's not, but i did notice a link at the bottom of the front page marked ODB Tribute.

a click revealed this image:

apparently, my dude buckethead was a big ODB fan. so much so that he did his own remix of "shimmy shimmy ya" in tribute to little baby jesus. awesome.

there's a video thing there, too, but i didnt want to risk the bandwidth at work.

i'm digging the shit out of the mp3 though.

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DJ Empirical's Birthday Blowout: review coming
11:23 AM
everything was a success! no cancelations (well, none that stuck, anyway), only a minor amount of drama, and TONS of good music, with folks driving in from indiana, lexington, and cleveland to play.


a more detailed review will come later.

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Friday, September 16, 2005
2005-09-16: other stuff and karaoke goodness
11:59 PM
i skipped work friday so as to be prepared for the birthday blowout, and also just to reward myself for... i don't know. something, i'm sure. :)

i basically slept in a bit, then waited for laura to call. she did, finally, and i collected her to go to a bank to get the jeep's title transferred to me. the notary girl hadn't done a kentucky title before, and had to consult another guy there. it was a good thing she did, though, as KY titles need to be notarized in three different places on the back. that's right; you get your mileage out of the $2 notary fee.

after that, we met andrea at don pablo's for a late lunch. that was pleasant, though i have to admit i felt a bit left out. andrea and laura are becoming (or, i guess, just are) close friends, so they have a lot of inside jokes i wasn't privy to.

after eating too much we parted, though only to regroup at my house for a moment, so they could hang out with aaron for a couple minutes, since he'd been at work when we were eating lunch.

laura and andrea left, and aaron and i started watching happiness of the katakuris, which i'd heard about from gabe but not seen before. there was just enough time before we were to go to the airport to pick up heather, a friend of aaron's he'd met in while teaching in china. yes, the same heather you're familiar with if you've been reading this blog over the past year. she was flying in for the weekend, to visit with aaron on a conveniently eventful weekend.

partway into the film, though, andrea called and asked whether i could repay her the cash a day earlier than i'd planned. not a problem; we paused the movie and made a quick run to a cash machine. i hadn't asked her why she needed it, but i estimated (correctly, as it turned out) that they (laura, andrea, and kevin) were going on an impromptu road trip to columbus, where Infinite Number of Sounds were schedulede to play later. phooey! i handed over the cash, more than a little jealous. :)

upon returning, we received a phone call from heather; her flight had been delayed, due to some "metal in the wheel", which sounds a little too vague for me. now that we had extra time, we made a quick run to Everybody's Records, so that i could grab a few last-minute records before the birthday blowout. i got quite a few things, including a man parrish 12" single. (i'd become more interested in him since discovering he used to work with klaus nomi.)

while at the store, bad news arrived: heather's flight had been canceled. she'd gotten another, but the next flight wasn't until the following morning. that meant early rising, but it wouldnn't be an issue, really.

the rest of the evening was a bit of a whirlwind. we returned, just in time for my brother mike and his wife Lexi to arrive. not long after, my brother Joe arrived from Indianapolis, with our friend Billy. the six of us piled into the jeep and we trekked across the river to Wok on Water for some karaoke goodness. john, michael, santi, and kimmy were already there, with a couple friends. upon our arrival, john bought the first round, and the fun kicked in.

john having a good time

it was pretty surreal, really, what with all the runway walking, weird patrons (not us), and song disputes. aaron, in fact, was finally pushed over the edge when the karaoke disc started skipping during his song. we left not long after.

at home, everyone crashed, but not before watching some simpsons on joe's new toy, which is similar in function to an ipod, except that it plays video.

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Monday, September 12, 2005
10:04 AM
yesterday's movie: the exorcism of emily rose.

verdict: meh.

i think we could probably stand to leave the horror/courtroom drama behind.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
2:24 PM

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