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Sunday, January 30, 2005
to indiana and back
10:22 PM
well, i finally made it "home for the holidays", though weather and a busy schedule put it a month behind. oh well.

mom got me a cordless phone. i've been using a friggin old cordED phone for years. i suck. thanks mom.

also got a few dvds, including some Ali G stuff. sweet.


and don't forget, feb 11th at york st. cafe (in newport): a disco tribute, featuring The Black Fives, DJ Empirical, and other bands. killer.

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Friday, January 28, 2005
fudgie & fufu sighting
6:44 PM
Joe found a page where you can vote for your favorite of the pictures he likes for a variety of reasons. You'll notice the one with a caption mentioning "viking" will look familiar....

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
2:01 AM
check out this link to a webcollage. it scours the web for images and refreshes every so often with new images and links to the pages.

thing is, as my brother pointed out, it's funny how many images of text come up!

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Saturday, January 22, 2005
i never get tired of this
4:53 PM

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Friday, January 14, 2005
2004-01-14 thursday: alien 3 revelation
4:18 PM
shower music still the same; i havent chosen anything new, and i like this disc. ;)

worked d r a g g e d today. ugh.

when i got home i checked my email and checked out suicide girls and noticed an interview with the director of anchorman (mckay? i can't remember his name). anyway, reading the interview reminded me how good the film actually was, so when gabe called, i asked him if he was willing to run out with me so i could pick it up on dvd (he was).

when we got back to my house, we watched alien 3. gabe has the boxed set of the four non-vs. predator alien films so we could have watched his copy rather than the netflix one we watched, but the re-released alien quadrilogy boxed set that came out later had expanded editions of the 3rd and 4th films. of particular note is the director's cut (or whatever it was called) of alien 3, which is a true david fincher film, as opposed to the stupid cut that is the theatrical release. now, i haven't seen the theatrical release of alien 3, but i did watch the last few minutes of it after watching fincher's cut. the difference is AMAZING, even in those couple minutes. seriously. i truly think that fincher's alien 3 (as opposed to the theatrical release version) is a great film.

after that, we were off to the golden lions, for a bit of karaoke. it was kind of dead, so even though we got there at 12:30, i still sang two songs. first i did "pour some sugar on me", but the version she had was so poorly done that it screwed me all up; the lyrics were weird, the guitar solo (and many other parts) were removed.... it was just bad. the other song i did was madonna's "frozen", which would be a great karaoke song, were it not for the excessive "mmmmm"-ing. "mmmmmm" should be relegated to the studio only.

back home, then to bed.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005
2005-01-12 wednesday
1:35 AM
not much today. same shower music as yesterday.

after work, gabe and i made progress on the disco songs. the sparks track is coming along nicely. we're standing in for moroder on this one.

i watched Last Tango in Paris tonight. i've never seen it before tonight, but it's one of those films that many people absolutely adore, so i borrowed it from gabe. i'd heard nothing about it, and so i didnt know what to expect. ebert has a lot to say about it; if you want a review go there. i'll just say that i liked it (a lot, actually), but probably won't watch it again. it did seem quite real, and a scene that struck me also hit ebert:

In a film posited on two characters remaining strangers, Bertolucci and his actors achieve a kind of intimacy the movies rarely approach. Real behavior is permitted; in a scene with his wife's lover Marcel, Paul coughs, and we sense that is Brando actually coughing, and accepting that he has coughed, and that in other movies actors never cough, except when it is in the screenplay.

and yes, i think once again ebert and i agree overall. he's just better spoken than i. ;)

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
2005-01-11 tuesdays are less dumb
1:55 AM
shower music: nomeansno sex mad/you kill me

work was ok, except my tire was flat, so i filled it up on the way in. if it's a slow leak (and it is, as it turns out) i'll have to stop by michel tires plus to have them patch it. i was just there yesterday, which i forgot to mention on the blog, to have the carb tuned up on the hearse. that thing is on its last legs.

after work i hung out with baby kitty again, this time to watch amelie again. yes; it's still fabulous.

came home, blogged, emailed, and chatted with aaron n china (though not all necessarily in that order).

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Evel Is a Pimp
10:35 AM
I saw this today:
Site wins right to dub Evel Knievel 'pimp'

SAN FRANCISCO, California (Reuters) -- Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel cannot sue a Web site that published a photo of him with two women above a caption reading "You're never too old to be a pimp," a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

The term "pimp" was probably intended as a compliment, the court said. But Knievel said, "What good is law in the United States of America if five or six goddamn bimbos are going to rule against it?"

funny, sure. what i'm wondering, though, is who's proofing this stuff. check this sentence from the article:
In a dissent that quoted William Shakespeare, Judge Carlos Bea backed Knievel. "Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, Is the immediate jewel of their souls," he wrote, quoting Shakespeare.

the author was so keen to get that Shakespeare reference in there that he screwed up the sentence.


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Monday, January 10, 2005
2005-01-10 mondays are dumb
11:59 PM
morning shower music: sepultura beneath the remains

not much of note at work, and of course i'm staying away from that topic.

after work i vegged out a bit at home, working on learning zappa's "disco boy" for the upcming (yet to be announced) tribute to disco music at york street. i'll teach it to donald spivak once i've gotten it down. :) i was going to figure out zappa's "honey dont you want a man like me", but it was too goddam fast....

i headed up to the esquire at 9pm to hang out with gabe a bit, then caught the 9:35 showing of the life aquatic with steve zissou. i liked it a lot, and was relieved to see that though the tralier had indeed contained quite a few funny things from the film, the bulk of the film was untouched, and nothing of import was given away. overall quite funny, poignant at times. bill murray is of course fabululous, and owen wilson and cate blanchett are great. actually, EVERYONE in the film was great and quite funny. and, in addition to seu jorge's excellent portugese renditions of bowie, mark mothersbaugh's excellent score made the film that much better. incredible all around.

after that, off to the golden lions to hear gabe spin cds. =tmu= busted me bitching about one of his track choices. i felt bad and apologized. no harm done, overall, but as a dj myself i ought to know better than to do that....

i left soon after that to check email and crash.

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return of the blogged
3:36 PM
yes, indeed: i have been lax in blogging. admonished by many (including mcdeviltoast), i'm returning to the fold. i'm going to borrow a page from dooce and maybe just put up a blurb.... that way it won't get too oppressive.

also similar to the dooce, i'm not talking about work. there's a lot of crap i could say here, but.... well, read her blog to see a good reason why not.

so yeah:

2005-01-09 sunday

i had crashed over at Laura's saturday night (we watched matilda), so sunday i awoke and ate breakfast at the anchor with her and her friend Zach. i hadn't eaten at the anchor in a while, but as i remembered, it's greasy-spoon at its finest.

back home forthwith, to commence email and related internet stuff. i re-downloaded the mp3s for Silence: The Musical, since that was faster than digging out the cd i'd burned them on way back when.

I played Starcraft for a while, then went over to Baby Kitty's and watched Heathers. What a good film!

After that, back home for more internet time, followed by a bit more starcraft and some chatting with mcdeviltoast. after reading House of Leaves for a while, i crashed. it was a bit early (for me), but i needed to take the hearse in to get the carburetor adjusted for cold weather.

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a couple films
1:46 PM
i saw Miranda this weekend (though i incorrectly keep calling it Matilda). christina ricci, kyle maclachlan, and john hurt. verdict: whoof. give it a miss. kyle maclachlan was quite creepy, but the filma as a whole just wasn't very interesting. also, it had some of the worst music this side of hbo's oz.

i watched most of leo, starring the feines brother whose name starts with j. not ralph, i mean the one from shakespeare in love. it was ok, but not great. i didn't finish it, because i had to leave, but i'm not overly interested in trying to do so. i guess that's a good enough review. *shrug*

OH! one more thing: my new LEAST favorite movie commentary goes to Total Recall. basically it's a guy with an austrian accent (schwarzenegger) and a guy with a dutch accent (verhoeven) EXPLAINING THE MOVIE. seriously. "you see, dis is impoatant because later you discova dat i am actually a secret agent..." "look at how suhprised i am dat i know how to kill deeze people so quickly...." ugh. stupid. file under: don't bother.

[p.s., i tried to post this once but blogger seems to have ignored me. if this post appears a second time, i'll delete the extra, but at least i'll have explained it away so you know what's going on...]

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Saturday, January 08, 2005
The Last Starfighter: The Musical
3:16 PM
Yes, really!

The Last Starfighter: The Musical.

What a crazy worl we live in....

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Friday, January 07, 2005
dj BC presents The Beastles
3:01 PM
dj BC presents The Beastles

check it. like danger mouse's the grey album, but with the beastie boys instead of jay-z. i think i like this better, too.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Lisa Alisa
5:35 PM
through some odd coincidence i discovered this girl today:


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