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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
9:25 AM
Holy crap. Peelander-Z was incredible last night! More later, but i thought i'd mention it.

Crazy. Here's a pic from some other show that i stole from the web:


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9:17 AM
I think that this whole having 2 jobs thing is starting to catch up with me. I'm so tired that I'm too tired to sleep. That's the worst. I finished creating art and then promply lost it imbetween school and the bus. I wish mum were playing within driving distance or something. And dehydrated potatoes would be good today, but not since it's raining outside. fin.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
New and Impending Developments and Updates
11:21 AM

We at the QEG have been very busy lately, and I (Montana) personally apologize for the lack of updates. Some things:

The most recent development: Montana Wildhack is no longer an official member of The Haywards. This will allow him to concentrate more on solo work, and help out other QEG members. He will remain the webmaster of the Haywards website.

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Sunday, November 21, 2004
4:29 AM
My favorite quote from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: "Modern technology, William."

Realhamster epitomizes that quote perfectly.

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Saturday, November 20, 2004
3:45 PM
yikes! mcdeviltoast inundated me with video and pictures. i'll take care of them tomorrow, as i'm a bit busy right now with cleaning the apartment.

oh, and i am totally excited for this show:

yes. it will be good.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004
the last few days: skinny puppy and other stuff.
5:01 PM
ugh. work is dumb. good thing they pay me or i'd be out of here.

too busy for lengthy, toast-style blog entries as of late, so i'll just
mention a couple things:

on monday night, i saw one of my top ten bands: skinny puppy. (strictly
speaking, skinny puppy musician cevin key is in the top ten, but SP was
his main outlet for many years, and is once again his main focus, so it's
close enough.) the show was fantastic, though bogart's (the venue) once
again had some trouble with feedback quite a few times. i was not
surprised that some of the digital vocal stuff on the new record wasn't
done live, as that's definitely a production element, not a performance

overall, it was fantastic.

on tuesday night after work i finished videodrome, the dvd of which
i inherited from gabe, who purchased the new, super-fancy dvd edition
recently. i liked it, though i have to point out that Fudgie and Fufu are
assholes for penning their tune of the same name. i couldn't watch more
than a minute or so of the film without singing it in my head.

after videodrome: bowling with gabe and baby kitty. they didnt
tell me what we were doing until we were most of the way there, though, or
i might have refused. all in all, it wasn't so bad, and i actually won
the first game, even going so far as to break 100, which i don't do much
in bowling.

they booted us out at midnight, so i met up with gabe afterwards at his
place for some halo 2.

last night (wednesday), gabe didn't have his usual wednesday night band
practice, so he came over and we ordered pizza and watched some brass
, which diane and i had planned on watching last weekend. that
show is effing brilliant. oh, and gabe got pink eye from being in the
bowling alley the previous night. nice.

after ass eye we headed down to the esquire to catch a private
screening of national treasure, the new nicholas cage flick.

the verdict: woof.

apparently, the film had been a touchstone film until it was rated, and
then since it got a PG rating, it went from touchstone to disney. and
boy, was it disney: no one was killed or even shot, and there were no
four-letter words. the film was long (100 min), but flat: despite
near-constant action, there was no flow. the pacing was atrocious, too.

however, despite all those flaws.... it was still horrible. plot holes
and just a general implausibility make this film one of the worst i've
seen since alien vs. predator.

yes, worse than saw.

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Monday, November 15, 2004
2004-11-14: things and stuff
3:04 PM

bleah. not much yesterday. i made a flyer for dj empirical's upcoming gig with paperback.

click image for big-ass version, or here for widescreen edition

also, i saw the girl with the striking blue eyes at sitwell's again. i went later than usual, so maybe it was a shift change i've somehow always missed. of course, she was busy, and i was too shy, so other than smiles, there was no exchange. i suck.

oh i hung out with gabe last night, too. watched him play San Andreas for a little while. i like it.

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Super Special Questions Blog
12:39 PM
I found the Super Special Questions Blog in my old email address' box today.

I like Doughty.

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Sunday, November 14, 2004
2004-11-13: more halo 2
3:22 AM

i awoke on gabe's couch a couple times in the morning before actually rising. i played halo 2 for a couple minutes, but really only to pass the time until gabe left for work. i left then as well, heading home for a quick shower, but on the way i stopped at kroger, as i wanted some cereal to eat. i experimented with honey graham life, but it's not great; it's like a cross between life and golden grahams.

i did a flyer for the black fives show here in town on 11/20, despite the no-QEG presence at it. i need to make a couple changes, but i think it turned out ok. i also uploaded a few of aaron's pics as well, and quite a few of my own from the experimental behavior showcase.

the beginning of the evening activities consisted of heading over to jane's house for a little pot-luck party, complete with a performance of her new band And How, consisting of her and kendall bruns. it's not bad, though i think i like her solo stuff better. then we were off to todd and laura's where they were throwing a small birthday party for laura.

then, of course, back to gabe's for an hour or so of halo 2, then home, blog, chat with mcdeviltoast, and bed.

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Saturday, November 13, 2004
2004-11-12: halo 2
2:26 PM

[the official music of this blog entry is the free dj mix from the dmx crew's website.]

no music in the shower today, which always seems to throw me off. my bathroom cd player is one of the first mp3 cd players, so it's about 5 or 6 years old, and i've used it a lot. it's nearly dead, and sometimes likes to pretend you've not put a real cd in it.

work was ok. the application we use to pull data from the data warehouse, named Business Objects (or BO), was being incredibly finicky, and crashing a lot. we don't have the latest version, so that could be part of the problem....

i got home extremely tired, so after calling diane, with whom i had plans to hang out, i took a nap. i slept for about an hour, though i'd only intended half that. we'd originally planned on staying in at my apartment and watching brass eye, but she said that since she was on a break from school she wanted to take the opportunity to go out. where did we go? sitwell's. it was just as well; despite my nap, i was in need of caffeine.

i arrived at the agreed time, but of course diane was not yet there. the smoking section was full, which would not have been a problem but that diane smokes. like a chimney. while i was looking around for her to make sure she was not there, a girl behind me asked whether i needed a carryout order. i turned around to see no other than the girl with the striking blue eyes. a bit taken aback, i recovered quickly. no, i said, i'm meeting a friend. she smiled a smile that cut me in two, and promised to find me once my friend arrived.

i sat at a table in the smoking section which had only the one chair. i figured that when diane found me we'd figure out what to do about seating. it turned out not to be an issue, for within a minute of being seated a couple at the next table got up to pay and leave. i quickly took their seats. when the girl half of the couple came back to the table, i felt a bit sheepish for stealing her place, but she smiled; she was just leaving a tip.

the girl with the striking blue eyes found me after another minute or so. by this time i'd been waiting about ten minutes. as she collected her tip and bussed the table, she asked whether i'd liked the drink she recommended. i said i had (though i didnt mention the fact that i'd been unsure whether it was worth the extra seventy-five cents above my usual drink), and said i'd like another one this evening. she smiled, and i asked her what its name was. aparently it's a "pourpacino", like the word "pour" mixed with the word "capuccino". eager for another few seconds of her time, i asked her again for the ingredients. it's got espresso, vanilla, half-and-half, and some other things. half-and-half? no wonder it had been so thick.

she went off to put the order in and i continued to wait for diane. the drink arrived and i was mixing it up (the chocolate sauce settles to the bottom) when she arrived. we chatted for a couple hours; noting major, just chatting. it was quite pleasant, actually. she had a vodka tonic and a vodka cranberry, which was weird, because when we were dating she'd been a teetotaler. she was nervous because she had plans to go out to meet up with a boy after hanging out with me. the alcohol took care of her nerves, though, and things were soon fine. i quickly ascertained that she thankfully was not trying to hook up with me again, of which i'd had a nagging suspicion.

we left and i gave her a ride up to the comet, where she was meeting the boy. i then went directly over to gabe's house. gabe had already been playing halo 2 for hours at this point, so i waited for him to be finished with a level so that i could join in. gabe's friend kelly, who was in town for the weekend, sat next to him on the couch, and ross, gabe's roommate and actual owner of the house, was in the easy chair.

a pretty blonde came down the stairs. ross introduced her to me as elizabeth, ross' sister. i suddenly remembered meeting her at shirley's over a year and a half ago. she was as pretty as i'd remembered. she and ross left to go to crush to see a few bands play.

i created a character ("spivak", after my friend and fellow QEG member Donald Spivak) and began to play. i like it; the game play is similar, with a few updates. the graphics are better, and everything is of a much larger scale.

hours later, ross and elizabeth returned. kelly had already crashed downstairs, but gabe and i were still playing. at about 3am, john, gabe's other roommate, came downstairs. apparently he'd taken a nap at 8:30pm and inadvertently slept for hours. whoops.

ross & elizabeth crashed, and gabe and i finished the level we were on, and stopped playing. john put in grand theft auto san andreas, which he'd picked up ther other day with halo 2. i only made it another minute or so before i fell asleep on the couch.

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Friday, November 12, 2004
2004-10-11: The Yes Men and Jobriath
2:43 AM

now playing: Slick Idiot "Rhinoceros"

Woke this morning a bit earlier than usual (read: on time), which was good, because I was in dire need of gas when i got in the car. gas prices seem to have gone down, which makes sense, i guess, now that the election's over.

work was fine; i got some crap done that i've wanted to do for literally years. it's only been rcently that i've been able to convince people to change system things in order to be able to accomplish it. (note: the circumlocution comes about as a result of my assumption that no one cares about the details of my work. or maybe it's just me that doesn't care about it. ;)

Anyway, my boss is all over it, wanting upwards of 16 versions of this report that we couldn't even get in any form two months ago. i hope she remembers this crap come review time. i'll remind her.

jobriath came up on my shuffle at work, and for some reason i looked up his discography, knowing ful well he'd put out two records ('73 and '74) and died in '83. HOWEVER, it seems that i'd missed, by two days, the release of a jobriath retrospective cd on morrissey's new label. crazy. a quick call to shake it and a copy (the only one they had in stock) was on reserve for me.

after work, i had gotten a message from baby kitty asking for a ride home from work at 9pm, since it was raining and she, i, and gabe were going to catch the last showing of the yes men at the esquire at 10:10 pm. i called gabe to invite him to shake it, then went round to collect him.

at shake it (where i also picked up the new bill hicks dvd) i ran into greg mills, former member of the haywards (in which i've played for a year). i asked him why he was in town, as he'd moved to NYC last year. he said the band he'd joined earlier this year, dan melchior's broke revue, was playing at the northside tavern a bit later. i told him i'd try to go, but i didnt have much hope of making it in time.

gabe and i then hit the red pepper for some chinese food, since we had about an hour before we picked up baby kitty. it was good, though gabe's szechuan was not spicy in the slightest, and my general tso's tofu was more spicy than usual.

we collected baby kitty, then back to gabe's to get his roommate john. john drove, which meant i could listen to my new jobriath disc on the way. yay. (i'm the lamest.) sure, he's derivative of bowie (and, gabe told me, alice cooper), but i think he's tub ring to bowie's mr. bungle. or something.

the yes men was great! if you didn't catch it: sorry. find the dvd. or read about it somewhere; i'm too tired to review it here now.

after that: karaoke. baby kitty by this time had bailed out, but janet and a couple of her friends had joined is, as well as gabe's girlfriend sara (who'd caught the film with us too). i tried singing "head over heels" without much success, but i redeemed myself later with "take my breath away". sharon told me she was jealous i could hit that high-C and she couldn't. i just sort of shrugged; i just sang it from memory, you know? i wonder what my range is....

now i'm here, blogging. forthwith i shall retire.

final music of the night: jobriath, "i'maman".

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Thursday, November 11, 2004
2004-11-10: more slacker, plus saw
4:08 PM

woke up a bit late, as usual. bleah. i couldnt get to sleep until 4am, so i have an excuse.

as a result, i spent most of the day kind of catching up, always a bit too slow and tired. it wasn't until the early evening (when i got home from work) that i finally shook this faux jetlag.

when i got home, i ate a little while watching the rest of Linklater's commentary on Slacker. when i first saw the film, i didn't know what to make of it, as many people probably don't. i've really grown to love it, though.

gabe and his roommate john stopped by. i gave gabe my VHS copy of Slacker, as i no longer needed it. also, i informed him that there was a conflict on 11/20: he'd scheduled the Black Fives for a gig at habanero, while dj empirical was already scheduled to perform at the northside tavern, opening for infinite number of sounds. the quahogs entertainment group has a rule that no two of its performers play at the same time in two places (thus unfortunately promoting the Clark Kent/Superman myth we have, but what can you do?), so i let him know the black fives would be solo that night, since donald spivak (sch├Ądel, a QEG member) would not be there. he was fine with that, and still asked me to do a flyer for the show.

the three of us stopped by baby kitty's to collect her, then were off to the AMC in newport to catch a showing of saw. it's fired; don't bother seeing it. i'd go into it further, but it's not even worth the effort. if you really want to hear about it and see me in person, ask.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
2004-11-09 belated
4:39 PM
woke up a bit late again, so no head shave again! dammit.

work was ok; i spent some time going through old emails to make a list of thing for my boss to "remember" when my review comes up in a couple months. it sucks to have to do that, but i think it will be necessary this time around.

i got home and checked my email, then laid down for a quick nap. that quick nap turned in to two hours, and all of a sudden it's 9:30pm. dammit again.

i went to sitwell's for caffeine and the esquire for a visit with chance and sara. once i got home, i demolished my living room as a result of making the guest bedroom presentable. i guess tonight i'll try to recover the living room. ;)

i also made plans with diane, one of my ex-girlfriends, to watch Brass Eye on friday. don't worry; it'll be fine. i really just needed an excuse to watch them again.

gabe came over late, and we hung out for a bit. he confirmed the 11/20 date for the black fives at habanero, of all places. habanero is a chipotle-type non-chain restaurant on ludlow a block or so from the esquire. that'll be weird, but fun. we also went though a box of my so-called "second string cds", ones i didnt have enough room on the shelves for that i probably should get rid of. he borrowed quite a few, and i brought a lot to work today myself. i gues they weren't all bad.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
silent toast
1:06 AM

hey, aaron's testing out his camera's video:

narration: "hello. this is my living space."
the video is a bit dark -- i lightened the screenshot.

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Monday, November 08, 2004
oh yeah -- i forgot Maja!
10:37 PM
thanks to dj/rupture, i just found out about Maja Solveig Kjelstrup Ratkje. short story shorter: if you like the new bjork record and think she's breaking ground, check out Maja.

plus, maja's hot and Norwegian. it's not Icelandic, but it'll do. ;)

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2004-11-08: another monday
10:21 PM

not much interesting today. ran a few minutes behind this morning, as usual, so i didnt get to shave the head. i know things are busy when i'm getting long-ish stubble up there.

work was uneventful but productive. one of the systems that was down thursday and friday was up finally today, so after i did my usual monday morning reports (and made sure the new adjustments i made on them friday worked) i knocked out some things that were leftover from last week. the boss was surprised, i think. *shrug*

i got home a bit late-ish, so i ate some cereal while watching the first half hour or so of Slacker with the director commentary on. then, off to sitwell's for more caffeine. (i think the girl with the striking blue eyes must only work friday nights, or when i'm not around....)

i visited both gabe and sara at the esquire. gabe and i discussed my (or rather, dj empirical's) possible scratching on one of the new black fives tracks.

then back here, where i received a call from Zach, a former coworker at Buzz who now is doing the grad school/employment thing in Boston. he called because he saw an ad for an upcoming talk by Negativland member Mark Hosler, and he wondered whether it would be worth his while to attend. i gave him an emphatic yes.

now blogging, and soon off to the golden lions to hear gabe spin some stuff.

have some good times.

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2004-11-07: much watching
1:47 AM

a quick recap of the day, as i've a small headache that i think will abate with sleep.

i woke up at about 12:30 pm, giving me more sleep than i generally get during the week, but not as much as my usual weekend nights. after a quick shower (no shaving at all this time) and a couple bowls of cereal (during which i finished Drop Dead Fred), i trekked out to sitwell's for some caffeine. no blue eyes there (alas), but chicken and chance were both working at the esquire. i said hello and chatted for a moment, then decided i should stop by shake it and pick something up. i left with volume five of the satanik mashups series (on vinyl), the album by 10cc with the song "dreadlock holiday" (also vinyl), and the fancy edition of Slacker on dvd. That means my vhs copy is now deprecated, so perhaps i'll resurrect the webpage idea i had that would basically be an online garage sale.

i realized i left the cd of the new Black Fives tracks over at Gabe's house, so i called and then stopped by. Coyote Ugly was on the tv, and, much as i expected, it was fabulously horrible. what's the target demographic for that film?

once back here, sara stopped by to print out homework (she has no internet connection at her apartment) and left, promising to call when she was finished. i ate again (ramen and p.b.j. sandwiches) while watching the documentary on the Sledge Hammer! season one dvds. for the most part, they all look the same, and anne-marie martin (Sledge's partner Doreau) is actually still quite attractive, even nearly twenty years later.

a call from sara and i went to her house. from there we would walk to the esquire to see The Motorcycle Diaries, but not quite yet. As we still had some time, i threw on the vhs of Slaughterhouse-Five gabe gave me last night. he has the dvd, and knows that since i finished the audio book i've wanted to see the film.

From there to The Motorcycle Diaries. I liked it; it created a human side to Che Guevara that i never thought about. all too often one views historical figures, however recently in history they figured, as... well... stencils, mere cut-out shapes of the people they were. i don't necessarily agree with his politics, but he's an interesting guy.

and now back here. blog, then sleep.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004
3:44 PM

mcdeviltoast asked me to flex my newly discovered photoshop muscles and make a hybrid image of the one to the right.

oh, did i. check it:

neat, huh?

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Friday, November 05, 2004
4:22 PM
I think that they want to keep you in the piano room forever!

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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Bible thumping morons
2:44 PM
I start the esquire today. Yay. I hate welding in sculpture. I think that I'm going to leave class right after I get done typing this because everyone is one every stupid thing that I need to use so I'm going to have to come in after class. I'm being a real sour puss today. Sorry. It must be all of the orange shit I have all over my hands from that shitty metal like the kinda of music that is all trendy now. Yeah, fuck those people too.

Okay, Aaron your surprise needs fluff and tweeking and then it's airborn. Sorry about being so angry, but I just , I donno, it's just one of those days.

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photoshop tricks
11:17 AM

Gabe showed me some fancy Photoshop tricks last night. Here's something we did:

(click for larger size)

neat, huh? We made a QEG logo, too.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
1:22 PM

Not a single person i voted for won. Not one. It sure reminds me that I'm in a Republican state.

Also solidified is my constant assertion that rednecks like Bush. Take a look at CNN's results map: red = rural/rednecks. Especially check out their map of Ohio results. Counties with cities: Democrat or only weakly Republican. Rural counties: Republican.

And don't even get me started on the 3,242,160 "yes" votes on the gay marriage amendment. Apparently most Ohioans are bigots.


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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
I Voted Today
7:37 AM

Yes. I did. Is that one of the signs of the forthcoming apocalypse? No, I'm just trying to prevent one.

I've never gotten one of these before:

That's the actual sticker that I now am wearing. The last time I voted was in 1992, and I had done that one by absentee ballot, so i didn't get a sticker.

Oh, and I got to meet John Cameron Mitchell this weekend, too:

in case you don't know who he is, here's a hint:

He was out trying to get out the vote. He's one of my heroes, so I was well pleased to meet him.

More details on the past weekend later.

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