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DJ Empirical, "Halloween Mix 2009"

download: DJ Empirical, "Halloween Mix 2009"
30 oct 2009

I made this (as you would expect) in preparation for Halloween 2009, as I'd never really made a Halloween themed mix before (that I could remember).

It's a very pan-genre mix, running the gamut from rap to metal, from industrial to disco, and with a Wesley Willis track to cap it all off. All of the songs have a scary theme/title, whether it be monsters, murder, or something in between.

Very NSFW (or radio) at times, for those of you who care. Let me know if you want/need an edited version for whatever reason.


Whodini - The Haunted House of Rock (remix)
Gnarls Barkley - The Boogie Monster
Grand Buffet - Murderfuck
Danzig - Twist of Cain
Skinny Puppy - Testure
Goblin - Tenebrae (main title)
Addrisi Brothers - Ghost Dancer (Hey Convict! Rebirth)"
Fudgie & Fufu - Surfin' Dracula (a cappella)
Hot Ice - Theme from 'Friday the 13th Part 3'
13 & God - Ghostwork
Cesare vs. Disorder - Midday Vampire
Clark - Dead Shark Eyes
The Bulgarian feat. Spoek - Jack It Like a Zombie (Santiago & Bushido remix)
Bloc Party - Hunting for Witches (Ruckus Roboticus remix)
Metalchicks - Dead Loss Angeles
Otto von Schirach - Tea Bagging the Dead
20goto10 - Halloween
Buckethead - Mad Monster Party
Wesley Willis - Suck a Werewolf's Dick

With selections from General Mills cereal flexi-disc "The Monsters Go Disco", William S. Burroughs' "Naked Lunch", and a few horror films.


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